What is Unplugged coaching?

All successful leaders want to ‘take it to the next level’ in their organisation.  To make the right changes that will allow both the organisation, themselves and their teams to grow and evolve.

Today many use business coaching to assist in this process. Effective coaching can save a company millions of pounds in employee churn and improved performance. At other levels, coaching can unite teams, improve productivity and create a culture of learning.

But coaching can only take you so far. The missing factor in ALL corporate coaching programmes up to now has been an inability to address beliefs created in the subconscious mind. Like an unseen fault line these can and will sabotage or undermine the best conscious coaching in the world.

Unplugged coaching is the solution.

Unplugged Coaching goes to the foundations of the individual, their psyche and the hardwiring that drives them daily to take the actions they take and to restrict them from the changes they may desire.

Other coaching addresses behaviours. They address mindset but not at a fundamental and crucial level. At the subconscious level. You cannot and will not change a pattern of behavior permanently and effectively unless you identify and heal (or uninstall to use the faulty software analogy) that triggered it in the first place.

Unplugged Coaching builds on the best of other coaching, business mindset and behavioural change programmes and adds this level of understanding and tools to change it to create something truly life and business changing for you and your organisation.

Why would it benefit my business?

Ultimately Unplugged Coaching leads to better financial results, with a team that is aligned and motivated.

How will it help my people?

You will know that a greater understanding of oneself leads to a better understanding of, and openness towards others. 
Balance and flow. It spills over into their home lives. Their health. Their self-worth. Their peace of mind. And your business benefits.
Resistance and mismatches between fellow directors and key employees, (and by extension their divisions or teams) are eliminated.
Being centered and grounded leads to better interpersonal relationships and family becomes central to life and joy again. Financial gains are key. More money can be created with less stress.
Most importantly it will benefit you too. Across all aspects of what makes you human: your health; our connections; your team; your own self-belief; your vision; your passions; our fulfilled existence.

Who we are?

With award-winning coaches who have a
track record of business success

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross Stuart Ross is the founder of High Growth. He works exclusively with the ambitious leaders of fast-growing businesses who recognise that, in order to achieve and sustain high growth they need cutting edge skills and the proven strategies to stay ahead of their competitors.

His High Growth Methodology™ has been delivered to over 2500 businesses in Europe, the US and Asia with stunning results. High Growth has offices in both Nottingham and San Diego.

Rosalyn Palmer

Rosalyn-Palmer is an award-winning therapist and coach, qualified as an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach. With proven success in addressing issues for lasting positive change, she has practices in Newark-on-Trent and Central London UK and Worldwide via Zoom conferencing.

Her early career included high level PR in the 1980s and her own award-winning PR company in the 1990s representing the likes of American motivational guru Tony Robbins, major UK companies, Royalty and celebrities. Rosalyn was Marketing Director for a leading UK Business Development Consultancy and an International Charity before training in therapy.

She is the Health & Wellbeing presenter for Radio Newark and Health Columnist for The Newark Advertiser.

She has three best-selling books and is a member of major certified trade associations.

How we work

Unplugged Coaching brings focus, structure and the assurance of consistent forward progress for your personal leadership. We have a high level of expected results
for our coaching relationships, a joint responsibility shared with our clients.



All, coaching engagements begin with our coaches gaining an in depth understanding of you and your business. The output of this will create a bespoke 3 month engagement plan which will contain a mix of coaching and hypnotherapy sessions to move you forward rapidly.

Our commitment

Delivery of an Unplugged coaching can be intensive, working across all areas of a business. To ensure you have the support required to move forward we only work with a limited number of organizations at any one time.

Find out more

By now you will have a feeling that we are right for you and your organisation at this time in your evolution. Or not.

If it feels like a fit or you are curious to know more then why not hit the button below and book a 20-minute no-obligation call with us. You can even ask us about our money-back guarantee!

Yes, we are so confident about this new generation of coaching and the results it will achieve for you that we can have that conversation too.